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Preparing for a Real Estate Shoot

The best way to get great interior & exterior pictures is to have a great interior and exterior to begin

with. Here are some good guidelines and suggestions as you prepare your home to be

photographed. Many of these suggestions, or similar ones, will be given to by your realtor as you

prepare to show your home.

In General…

- Keep the floors clean. Show off any hardwood or tile flooring and hide your

   hallway rugs.

- Have all the surfaces clean. Counter tops, windows, mirrors, tables, etc.

- Make sure all the light bulbs work and have matching bulb ratings.This helps

   create consistent lighting.

- Tuck away and hide all those power cords, phone chargers, and the like.

- Keep trash cans out of sight.

- Put your personal items away! (reading glasses, books, magazines, laptop)

- Hide away any remote controls.

- Limit personal pictures. We want buyers to see this as their home, not a walk

   through of yours.

- Have the blinds pulled down, but leave them open to let in light.

- Turn off all of the ceiling fans.

For Outside…

- Mow, edge, trim, rake, etc. Clean and clear dirt and debris from driveway,

   sidewalks, foot paths, patios, decks, etc.

- Hide all trash cans, yard signs, toys, and equipment (mower, gloves, hoses,

   sprinklers, bicycles, wheel barrow, etc.)

- Set the scene of your outdoor furniture. Put on cushions, clean table surfaces,

   leave wood stacks in the fire pit.

- Fill bird feeders, fill/turn on fountains, place accent pieces or flowers.

- Clear your pool of debris and make sure the cover is off.

- Make sure there are no vehicles parked in the driveway or in front of the house.

For the Kitchen and Dining Room…

- Have all the dishes clean and away.

- Remove items such as blenders, coffee makers, toasters, & other small appliances

   from the counter tops.

- Have all the counter tops, back splash, oven tops, and sink clean.

- Make sure not to leave the cleaning products on the counter! Put them away.

- Hide your pet’s bowls and food.

- Show off your appliances. Take off any notes, pictures, magnets, etc.

- Show off your table surface. Use place mats or small center pieces to accentuate.

   Only cover it completely if your table really needs it.

For Bedrooms…

- Make your bed.

- Fold, hang, or stow your cloths away.

- Remove personal effects (watches, change, letters, pictures, etc…) from dressers

   and night stands.

- Drawings, posters, and anything else on the walls that are “pinned” or “tacked” on

   need to be taken down.

- It can stay if it’s framed.

For Bathrooms…

- Make sure all surfaces, mirrors, windows, showers, toilets, & glass doors are clean.

- Put the toilet seat down.

- Hide all of your personal hygiene items, shower/tub items, toilet scrubbers, and

   toilet plungers.

- Hang fresh and folded towels and washcloths in the appropriate places.

For the Day of the Shoot…

It is expected that the property will be ready and staged upon the arrival of the photographer.

- Please, if you have pets, have them taken off site or put in a room that will not be


- Have all of the lights already turned on.

- Turn off all ceiling fans.

- Open all curtains and shades.

- Keep all window blinds down but open.

- Turn off all your TV screens and devices.

- You are welcome stick around if you like! You are leaving the house enough for

   your showings, feel free to keep me some company. Please also understand that

   while I am working you will have to have a pleasant attitude and follow my

   professional instructions to get the best shots.

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