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The Addison Group

Staging & Design Photography Pricing

Beautifully curated designs deserve beautifully curated images. We take the time in each shoot to find creative ways to

showcase the lifestyle of your elevated furnishings, fixtures, and functionality.  For this reason, our staging photography rates

are based on the size of the home while our design photography rates are meant to reflect the scope of the project.

Design professionals and residential stagers alike benefit from getting the licensing you need to have creative control

over your brand AND our preferred pricing.

Staging Photography Rates

0 - 3,500 Square Feet - $200

3,500 - 6,000 Square Feet - $300

Over 6,000 Square Feet - $400

Design Photography Rates

$200 - $400

We're big on creativity...not on cost.  Each project is unique.  Our pricing is meant to be flexible enough to add value to your projects.

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